There comes a point in life when one must choose a path to follow, caught in the crossroads of what can be and what will be as the past, present, and future converge in the clearest of ways, and a moment of awakening presents itself.

When Wilah faced the darkest times as deep depression and anxiety ravaged her life, committing suicide was the only form of escape that could offer her the relief she needed, or so she thought at the time. However, instead of becoming a victim of a choice made in the blur of things, she was awakened to her life's true purpose.

She now seeks to inspire people to prioritize on their mental wellbeing to achieve holistic growth. Taking emotional overload and transforming them into art. Driven by the goal of bringing awareness to mental health issues including anxiety and depression as well as its possible detrimental outcomes especially given the rise of suicide attempts that have been recorded over the years, Wilah created Wilahmite to enrich, enlighten, and uplift society through artistic expressions.

She capitalizes on the transparency of her personal experience with battling emotions and leverages holistic tools employed through art, fitness, nature, and spirituality to help people stay in the light that shines bright when individuals and communities come together for a common cause. She focuses on providing wholesome experiences by making it clear that it is okay not to be okay; things will get better with time by being intentionally and courageously facing self to let the light in.

Brand proposition.

Wilah has invested heavily to ensure she is well positioned to aid others in their respective journeys to embrace a conscious lifestyle.
This informed her decision to go into Philosophy and as such, she has a PhD in Philosophy. She is thus adept professionally.
A natural-born leader with the courage to get to the root of issues, Wilah is an empath who has set a standard of being relentless and devoted to anything she puts her mind to. Thanks to her professional background having held executive level roles with Fortune 500 companies, with her last corporate position affording her the choice to either stay onboard and build their brand or walk by faith to build minds and save lives.
Moreover, Wilah is a Certified Graphic Designer with an eye for details as characterized by the unique sneaker "Art" that are a signature Wilahmite product.